I am currently an economist working independently, doing a bit of consulting, and trying to pull together a book on central banking.    This February/March 2018 I am teaching a short module on central banks to 1st year undergraduate economists.  If you are into LinkedIn, my profile, is here.

Until August 2017 I was Professor of Economics at the University of Birmingham, teaching MSc International Macro, and researching on optimal monetary policy and business cycles.  Before that I was Reader in Economics at Bristol for 2 years.  And before that I worked at the Bank of England for 20 years in the directorate devoted to monetary policy.  At the BoE I had a variety of roles, including managing the forecast, leading the economic analysis on the Bank’s Quantitative Easing team, and, latterly, heading a team doing research into applied macro, and delivering advice on monetary strategy and monetary frameworks. I left as a Senior Advisor/Head of Division.

I have been an occasional consultant at the Norges Bank; for Oxford Economics;  and for the GLG and Guidepoint expert network groups, working with a range of clients in the asset management industry, on topics like Scoxit, Brexit and the challenges facing the BoE and the Fed.  I also recently undertook with other experts a review of the macro forecasting and models set up at the new Scottish Fiscal Commission.

If you are looking for someone to help with a project, paper, policy idea or university course that overlaps with my expertise, drop me a line via Twitter.


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