I am an independent economist.  I am doing some consulting for Fathom Consulting, and also attend meetings at the Resolution Foundation as a Macro Associate.

Until 2017 I was Professor of Economics at the University of Birmingham, teaching MSc International Macro, and researching on optimal monetary policy and business cycles.  Before that I was Reader in Economics at Bristol for 2 years, teaching MSc Time Series Econometrics and Monetary Economics.

Before that I worked at the Bank of England for 20 years in the directorate devoted to monetary policy.  At the BoE I had a variety of roles, including managing the forecast, leading the economic analysis on the Bank’s Quantitative Easing team, and, latterly, heading a team doing research into applied macro, and delivering advice on monetary strategy and monetary frameworks. I left as a Senior Advisor/Head of Division.

I have been an occasional consultant at the Norges Bank; for Oxford Economics;  and for expert network groups like GLG, Guidepoint and Three Bridges.  Through them I have worked with a range of clients in the asset management industry, on topics like Scoxit, Brexit and the challenges facing the BoE and the Fed.  I also recently undertook with other experts a review of the macro forecasting and models set up at the new Scottish Fiscal Commission.

As you will see from my media page, I’ve written many times for UK national publications like New Statesman, Independent, FT’s Alphaville and others.

If you are looking for someone to help with a project, paper, policy idea or university course that overlaps with my expertise, drop me a line via Twitter.


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