Media stuff

Here is a dump of bits of written journalism I have done, plus other articles that quote me, and the odd broadcast interview.

May 2018:  short piece in the FT defending economics [with others from Marriana Mazzucato, Tim Harford, Gavin Jackson, Maurice Obstfeld, Martin Wolf, Diane Coyle] against the attacks from Tom Clark and others.

April 2018:  cites in Chris Giles article in the FT about BoE interest rate forecast;  and on Bloomberg by David Goodman on FPC/MPC coordination.

March 2018:  FT Alphaville post on how the denomination mix can act as a nominal anchor, inspired by the plan to abolish the 1p.  [See also my blog which carries stuff that missed the editorial cut in the main article].

March 2018:  Bloomberg View piece with Richard Barwell urging the BoE to publish interest rate and QE fan charts.

March 2018:  Stepping back from all the trivia, and tackling the big issues of our day, a New Statesman The Staggers blog about why it’s fine to abolish the 1p.

Feb 2018:  Guest post on FT Alphaville comparing the Assignat to the new Venezuelan Petro.

Feb 2018 New Statesman blog on how the irreconcilability of Brexit tribes made bad government inevitable.

Feb 2018:  blog at the New Statesman on whether Remain could win a 2nd Referendum on EU membership.

Dec 2017:  cited in this piece in the Wall Street Journal on Bitcoin, written by James Mackintosh.

Oct 2017:  VOXEU piece with Toby Nangle on what effect the Bank of Japan’s purchases of equities via ETFs is having.

July 2017:  Times piece with Richard Barwell urging the BoE not to raise rates.

July 2017:  Another piece with my long time coauthor Richard Barwell for the Times giving students complaining about the econ curriculum the what for.

June 2017:   FT Alphaville piece on a crypto-currency takeover.

May 2017:  On Ian King live talking about Labour’s manifesto pledges to nationalise utilities.  Answer ‘don’t know’ to half of my questions!

March 2017:  Trials of communicating the costs of Brexit during the referendum campaign:  talk at Warwick/CAGE/NIESR conference on UK after Brexit

January 2017:  blog in Reaction Life explaining that Brexit delays are internal Tory fights, not a question of competence.

December 2016:  FT Alphaville article on India’s demonetization.

September 2016:  Op-Ed with Richard Barwell on the benefits of the immigration, in The Times.

Sep 2016:  On Paul Lews’ MoneyBox, BBC Radio 4, talking about the Bank of England, from 17m07secs.

August 2016:  Times article on Brexit and trade, with Richard Barwell.

July 2016:  piece for Prospect on Italian banks.

July 2016:  op-ed with Richard Barwell of BNP Paribas in the Times on reforming the BoE.  Covered as a story in the Times, here.

July 2016:  On MoneyBox with Paul Lewis, talking about BoE interest rates, from 7m20secs or so.

May 2016:  appeared on Daily Politics, Fri 27, discussing the economics of Brexit.

May 2016:  Prospect blog on the lack of transparency in the Govt and BoE analyses of the Brexit shock.

May 2016:  on Bloomberg to discuss the economists’ letter urging Remain.

May 2016:  article in the Telegraph by me replying to Allister Heath’s trashing of our economists’ letter, explaining why you should listen to us macroeconomists.

May 2016:  cited in the Economist, by Callum Williams, and also in the Globe and Mail in Canada, ticking off Mark Carney for straying from his remit over Brexit.

May 2016:  Cited in this piece by Peter Spence in the Telegraph about the lack of transparency in the BoE’s May Inflation Forecast.

May 2016:   Appeared on Bloomberg Surveillance talking about Brexit with Tom Clarke and others.

May 2016:  Blog for Prospect on how Brexit would affect the have-nots, going at IDS’ speech.

May 2016:  anti-Brexit economists’ letter in the Times, signed by 199 of us, with follow up story by Philip Aldrick.  Later trashed in this column by Allister Heath.

April 2016:  short piece in Prospect on whether we can/should reform international tax law.

April 2016:  Times Op-Ed on raising inflation target, with Richard Barwell.

March 2016:  article for Prospect ahead of the budget.

Feb 2016:  Daily Mail cites me warning Carney to ‘stay out of’ the debate on Brexit.

Feb 2016:  Article by me for the Independent on the effect of the Boris speech on Sterling.

Feb 2016:  Peter Spence at the Telegraph cites my scepticism that negative interest rates will do much good.

Feb 2016:  Piece in Nikkei Asian Review explaining the market routs through the lens of Caballero’s ‘safe asset’ story.

Feb 2016:  On Sky News 4.02, talking about BoE’s communication with Ed Conway.

Feb 2016:  Piece in Nikkei Asian Review on the BoJ’s move to negative interest rates.

January 2016:  I speak to stand-up comic Tiernan Douieb about the global market panics, interest rates, fiscal policy and debt.

January 2016:  Voted hold as guest chair of CityAM’s shadow MPC.

January 2016:  Callum Williams at the Economist cites me arguing that consumers paying down debt right now at the ZLB would not be a great thing.

December 2015:  Appeared on Bloomberg’s ‘What’d You Miss?’ with Joe Weisenthal, 22 December, talking about the Fed hike, and prospects for similar in the UK.

December 2015:  Times Op-Ed with former BoE colleague Richard Barwell, now of BNP Paribas, on the BoE’s candour deficit on interest rates.

November 2015:  spoke at the Guardian ‘Alternative Party Conference’ on a panel on Corbynomics, with Anne Pettifor and Will Hutton;  chaired by the Guardian’s Tom Clarke.  Photo evidence here.

October 2015:  guest blog in the Independent, ticking off Mark Carney for his politically controversial speeches.

October 2015:  in which Le Monde cites me saying something about Mark Carney in fluent French.

October 2015:  Tomas Hirst at Bloomberg Business cites me on ever thorny matter of how long it takes exchange rate changes to pass through into prices.

September 2015:  FT’s Ferdinando Giugliano cites my Tweetstorm arguing Mark Carney was overreaching himself (again) talking about climate change.  Although Giles Wilkes, who I guess wrote the FT leader, disagrees.  The Daily Mail also cites me, clocking up an important career milestone.

September 2015:  Radio5Live, Wake Up to Money talking Corbynomics.

September 2015:  Spectator Coffee House blog, and Guardian business blog on Quantitative Easing for the People.

September 2015.  Two TV appearances, on Newsnight, 15 Sep;  and on Ian King Live on Sky, also 15 Sep.  Both talking about Corbynomics.

September 2015:  more Corby :  a para in an article by Helen Lock and Zofia Niemtus on Corbyn’s proposal to abolish tuition fees for higher education.  And here in Heather Stewart’s profile of Richard Murphy, Professor of Corbynomics.  And here in a piece by The Sun [!], where I declare PQE to be the stuff of ‘tin pot’ govts.

September 2015:  co-wrote, with Paul Levine, an anti-Corbynomics letter in FT, signed by 55 economists, covered by Chris Giles in the FT itself, Ben Martin at the Telegraph, Hazel Sheffield at the Independent, and also by the Mail and The WeekTom Clark writes a critical piece in the Guardian, to which Paul and I respond with, of course, a letter.

August 2015: 21st, interviewed by Rob Young on BBC Radio 4 live breakfast, about the brewing troubles in the world economy.

August 2015: FT’s Kiran Stacey, Bloomberg’s Svenja O’Donnell, Peter Spence from the Telegraph, Jason Douglas at the Wall St Journal and Simon Wilson at MoneyWeek cite me explaining what a disaster Corbyn’s People’s QE would be.

July 2015 Guardian’s Heather Stewart refers to my argument that Carney has spoiled forward guidance for future MPCs.

July 2015:  Duncan Weldon BBC blog about Haldane’s thesis that short termism is hurting the UK, citing me.

June 2015 The Economist cite me purring about Carney’s reforms.  But they chopped the bits where I criticised his Forward Guidance, and the hubris of the One Bank launch.

June 2015 Krugman sides with me against Feldstein.  Low inflation with QE not puzzling.

May 2015  Bloomberg quote me and others on why we should raise the inflation target.  Not such a lonely furrow to plough then.

May 2015 Tom Chivers at Buzzfeed includes me in a group of academics pontificating on the Coalition.  What is Buzzfeed?

May 2015 Krugman backs me this time, on Taylor vs Bernanke, but wishes I was clearer.  [I wish I was, too].

May 2015 Another kicking from Krugman over my “kind-of-sort-of” defence of UK austerity.

April 2015 Scott Hamilton at Bloomberg writes about Mark Carney’s tenure as BoE Governor, with some gossipy quotes from me.

April 2015:  appearance on Scotland 2015 – Scotland’s replacement for Newsnight – to discuss parties’ deficit reduction plans.

April 2015 Delong and Krugman cite my piece on John Taylor’s analysis of the Taylor Rule’s role in the financial crisis.

April 2015 Krugman cites my piece pointing out that there are loads of nonlinear models, contrary to what you might read in Munchau’s FT column.

April 2015 David Blanchflower covers my blog on in his Independent column.

April 2015 Independent blog on raising the inflation target.

March 2015 Paul Krugman sides with me, and cites my blog bashing Andrew Sentance over the idea that the inflation target should be lowered.

March 2015 Peter Spence writes on detachment of Bank Rate from other interest rates.

February 2015 Noah Smith recommends my blog on Bloomberg View.

Jan 2015:  Paul Krugman cites my blog going after John Taylor’s support for the AudittheFed bill.

December 2014:  appeared during the Bristol Festival of Ideas on a panel ‘Beyond Quantitative Easing’.  Video here, seemingly.

December 2014 Chris Giles cites my amazement at how fast the anti-transparency era was banished by Carney, following release of the Warsh Report and the BoE’s response to it.

November 2014  Independent ‘Chunomics’ blog hosts a piece by me explaining how central banks helped stem the financial crisis.

Sep 2014 Appeared on Newsnight discussing Scottish currency options with John Kay and Gillian Tett

Sep 2014 Independent piece on the economics of Scottish independence

Sep 2014 FT piece on econ of an Indy Scotland’s currency arrangements.

Sep 2014 FT 55 economists’ letter, organised by Alan Sutherland and myself, urging Scots to vote No.

Sep 2014 FT piece by Chris Giles covering the 55 economists’ letter I organised, urging Scots to vote No.

Sep 2014 Sunday Telegraph piece by Pete Spence citing my call for the BoE to make working copies of its model and database available, as the Fed do.

Feb 2014 Guardian blog piece on the fiscal mistakes of the Coalition Government

FT’s Claire Jones covers my blog disparaging the putative panics and bubbles course wanted by Manchester students’ Post Crash Economics society.

City AM’s Mike Bird covers my call for the MPC to stop deleting and start publishing transcripts of MPC meetings, as they do in the US.

City AM’s Mike Bird features my blog post on MPC snooze bingo

Jeremy Warner cites me as saying that QE had little or no effect.

Chris Giles qotes my reaction to Spencer Dale not answering my twitter questions:  ‘I’m accustomed to these assured swats by my line manager’

Interview for Swedish business daily, in Swedish (!) on QE neutrality.

Economist free exchange post on forward guidance

BBC World Business News, 26.12.2013, answering questions from Tanya Becket on the US economy