risk news shock slides for riksbank joint with Pinter and Theodoridis, presented at Fed Reserve Bank of Dallas, [Oct 2013] and Riksbank [November 2013]

QE and forward guidance, Handelsbanken talk at Handelsbanken Capital FX markets conference, Stockholm, 6 November 2013.

The financial crisis talk to Bristol students, 3 April/8 May 2014

Bristol Undergraduate economics society talk on the financial crisis and monetary policy:

2014 Slides:  pdf

Reforming monetary and fiscal policy after the financial crisis, talk to Wits Business School, Johannesburg, South Africa, 8 March 2016.

Contemplating helicopter money at the zero bound  talk to Oxford undergraduates, Nov 8 2016, (drawing on joint work and conversations with Gabriel Sterne at Oxford Economics)

The crisis in global capitalism and how to sort it: talk to Bloxham School Euonia soc., Nov 2016.

March 2017:  Trials of communicating the costs of Brexit during the referendum campaign:  talk at Warwick/CAGE/NIESR conference on UK after Brexit

March 2017:  talk on Digital currency and central banking delivered at Witz University Business School, Johannesburg, and also to Oxford University undergraduate economists, May.

Talk to Money Macro Finance conference on monetary and financial policy, 2 October 2017, urging the Bank of England to be more transparent about its monetary policy analysis, and publish interest rate plans.

October 2017:  Talk to year 6 Torriano Junior School class about being an economist and the economics of money:  Powerpoint and pdf versions.

November 2017:  Are robots taking our jobs?  Talk for Nick Clegg’s OpenReason think tank.  Explainer for non-econ audience.  Mostly theft from David Autor and others, an activity that will very likely be automated in the future.  But you might find the links to papers at the end useful if you don’t know this literature.

February 2018:  Public investment and the fiscal multiplier.  Talk for TUC Rountable, Feb 8th.